The Climate Risk Institute’s ability to deliver quality results starts with our amazing staff members. We come from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds that range from chemistry and engineering, to environmental studies. As unique as we are individually, we share a mutual passion for climate change adaptation and producing excellent products and services for our clients and partners.

CRI Staff

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Al Douglas, B.Sc. (Chemistry), Chartered Chemist (Ontario), MBA

Al is the President of the Climate Risk Institute. Since 2002 he has been developing and delivering adaptation resources to domestic and international decision-makers. Al played leading roles in two regional vulnerability assessments in Ontario and co-authored an ecosystems vulnerability assessment guidebook for Ontario. He has contributed content to previous National Assessments of climate change…

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Erik Sparling, B.A.(Sc), M.A

Erik is Vice President of the Climate Risk Institute.  He has 15 years’ experience providing and overseeing delivery of research, analysis, training, and decision-support services for the management of climate-related risks across various infrastructure and natural resource sectors. He has delivered these services as Policy Advisor at the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy…

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Jacqueline Richard, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Jackie is a Project Manager at the Climate Risk Institute.  She has worked in the fields of environmental monitoring and assessment, project management, and climate change impacts and adaptation for the past 20 years. For the last 14 years, Jacqueline has focused her work on climate change impacts and adaptation.  She has worked with a…

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Paul Cobb, B. Eng

Paul is a Manager of Training Services with the Climate Risk Institute. An engineer by training, he has dedicated his career to finding and implementing climate change solutions. Paul’s work spans twenty years in the fields of climate change mitigation and adaptation – working with everyone from rural communities to provincial and territorial governments –…

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Anna Zaytseva, B.A. (Hons), M.Sc.

Anna is an Advisory and Technical Services Liaison of the Climate Risk Institute. She is passionate about sustainable development, climate change adaptation and risk assessment. Her experience includes working on place-based projects studying key drivers of change, modelling alternative future scenarios and researching impacts of climate change and weather extremes on the agricultural sector. Anna has 10 years of experience working with weather,…

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Suzanne Seiling, BES, MCC

Suzanne Seiling is an Adaptation Extension Liaison with the Climate Risk Institute. Suzanne’s areas of experience and expertise include: vulnerability and risk assessments, community adaptation planning, research, capacity building, and more.   In her role, Suzanne liaises with Canadian and international stakeholders to support and advance adaptation and mitigation to climate change. Suzanne supports the facilitation of peer-to-peer dialogue between communities and sectors through webinars, presentations and regional workshops. She…

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Kirsten MacMillan, B.A.Sc., B.A., E.I.T.

Kirsten is a Climate and Engineering Analyst with the Climate Risk Institute. Kirsten’s work focuses on the technical analyses of climate and infrastructure projects, including risk assessments and engineering vulnerability, and on improving best practices and knowledge sharing through the support of the Infrastructure Resiliency Professional (IRP) training program and PIEVC protocol.   She has previously…

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Allison Myles, B.A., MCC

As a Project Manager with the Climate Risk Institute, Alli works with a wide range of stakeholder groups to build climate resilience. She is passionate about creating compelling content for communicating climate science to mobilize knowledge, improve capacity and highlight the interconnected technical and cultural dimensions of climate change. She has previously worked in municipal…

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Brook Tessema, BES

Brook Tessema is a Climate Research Assistant at CRI. As a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies from York University, he has developed a solid understanding of the issue of Climate Change and the adaptation and mitigation efforts necessary to build resilient communities. In addition to his academic background, he has worked…

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Claire Sanders, MSc, BEd.

Claire is an Adaptation Extension Liaison with the Climate Risk Institute. Before joining CRI, she facilitated multi-stakeholder partnerships across southern Ontario with a focus on addressing complex regional ecological and climate change challenges. Along with launching an energy plan to mitigate climate change across seven municipalities, Claire established a regional climate collaborative that included frameworks…

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Megan Gereghty, BES, MES, MCIP, RPP

Megan Gereghty is a Climate Change Adaptation Planner with the Climate Risk Institute. As a Registered Professional Planner, Megan is passionate about climate change adaptation and resilient community development. Megan has experience and expertise in development, land use and policy planning projects. Her work focuses on the advancement of climate change adaptation training for planners.…

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Daniela Bodden, BSc, MEng

Daniela, Project Manager (International), Resilience and Climate Risk, is a professional civil engineer with over 8 years of experience that has included developing and managing water infrastructure, social development, climate adaptation and mitigation projects. She has worked in a multicultural and interdisciplinary environment through projects funded and partnered by national and municipal governments and international agencies…

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Alyssa Hill, B.Msc, MCC

Alyssa is a Climate Change Adaptation Intern with the Climate Risk Institute. Alyssa holds a Bachelor of Medical Sciences Degree from Western University and a Masters in Climate Change from the University of Waterloo. In addition to studying the complexities of climate change mitigation, adaptation, and governance in Canada, she has also volunteered with initiatives…

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Jazmin Vargas Najera, BSc, MCC

Jazmin is a Climate Change Adaptation Intern at the Climate Risk Institute. She holds a masters degree in Climate Change from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor’s degree in Community and Environmental Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her educational background and immigrant journey from Mexico to the U.S and now Canada have made…

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Jenessa Doherty, MES, BED, BPHE

Jenessa is a Senior Project Manager with the Climate Risk Institute. A passionate and motivated climate change champion, Jenessa holds a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from York University with graduate diplomas in Environmental Sustainability Education and Business and Sustainability. She also holds a Bachelor of Education in Science and the Environment from the University…

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