The Climate Risk Institute has gathered a diverse group of professionals to support current and future projects and programs.  CRI will bring together experts from different sectors and regions to support excellent products and services.

CRI Associates

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Anne Wiles

Anne Wiles, PhD. Senior Analyst, came to RSI through her interests in public and institutional attitudes to risk and complex technologies. After time as writer and editor with federal government, and with a couple of degrees in English literature, she became interested in the different ways in which people interpret events, and scientific explanations for…

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Dr. Robin Cox, PhD

Dr. Robin Cox advances leadership in climate and disaster resilience. Drawing on design thinking and open-learning approaches, Robin is cultivating climate action leadership through education, research, and advocacy. Her work includes the design and implementation of an innovative open-learning Graduate program – the M.A. in Climate Action Leadership (Royal Roads University- RRU) included modular components…

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Vivian Forssman

Vivian Forssman works at the nexus of climate change capacity-building, applying her experience in learning design, digital knowledge management, web and learning management platforms, and social media to address skills gap challenges in the climate crisis. Her most recent accomplishment was program management of the Adaptation Learning Network, a project of the Resilience by Design…

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