Development and Delivery of a Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Training Program for Professional Planners

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Ontario Planners

In partnership with the Ontario Professional Planners and Risk Sciences International, the Climate Risk Institute is developing a climate change adaptation training program. Built around a series of modules and case studies, the training program will be delivered to Ontario planners to (i) build an understanding of the most recent science on climate change, (ii) provide methods to integrate climate change impacts and adaptation into planning contexts and processes, and (iii) to accelerate uptake of adaptation broadly within the profession. The project will benefit Ontario Planners by providing new, focused training that is responsive to their needs, and builds their capacity to incorporate climate change adaptation into practice. Ontario Planners will increase their ability to understand climate risks and undertake climate change adaptation solutions in the public interest.


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Training Sessions

Upcoming Training Sessions starting in March 2022!

The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) secured funding through Natural Resource Canada’s Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) program, aiming to develop a customized training program in collaboration with the Climate Risk Institute, Risk Sciences International, and Dillon Consulting Limited. The online training program is a first of its kind in Ontario, bringing together current knowledge informed by the deep experience of practitioners in the field, and supported by an Advisory Committee of academic, municipal, private sector, and Indigenous members. The training has gone through a preliminary pilot with students and Planners across Ontario.


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Training for Planners in the Prairies Region

The Climate Risk Institute (CRI), in partnership with the Canadian Institute of Planners, is excited to announce that they are initiating a new training program to bring additional in-depth climate change adaptation and resilience training to the Professional Planning audience in the prairies region. This new initiative will lead to training modules customized for Planners across the Prairies that will integrate local and regional information on climate impacts, adaptation solutions, policy frameworks, and helping building skills in key areas of need such as engagement and communication on climate. Training programs will be offered in Fall 2021 and Winter 2022.


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Volunteer Opportunity to Serve on the Advisory Committee to Develop Training on Climate Change and Resilience for Professional Planners

In order to guide the development of this novel training content, a regionally based Advisory Committee is being created. The total time commitment is expected to be approximately 16 hours, including participation in three workshops and an independent review of materials.  Participation on the Advisory Committee is eligible to be counted towards annual Continuous Professional Learning credits. Please submit a brief expression of interest including your name, contact information and a brief description of your experience and or interest in climate change adaptation and resilience and/or the development of professional extension and training content.

If you’re interested in being an advisor, read our Terms of Reference. For more information, contact your Provincial-Territorial Institution or Agency or Paul Cobb, Project Manager with the CRI at

To apply to be an Advisor, please email an expression of interest to your representative:

Adaptation Resource Pathway for Planners (ARPP)

The Climate Risk Institute (CRI) with support from the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), is developing an Adaptation Resource Pathway for Planners (ARPP) in Canada. The ARPP will provide a single interactive document that helps Planners identify resources and training opportunities that match their availability and current needs. The easy-to-use tool will support Planners entry into, navigation of, and progression through available resource and training offerings and will include live links to guides, videos, resources and training opportunities. The document will support a Planner’s advancement in the field of adaptation with the goal to sharpen their path to appropriate resources to create an efficient adaptation learning process.

Resource Pathway Committee (RPC)

We are currently finalizing the development of the Resource Pathway Committee (RPC). The RPC will guide the development of this new tool and will be comprised of volunteers from all regions of Canada, who represent experts in climate change, Planning, and from public, private and academic sectors. This Resource Pathway Committee (RPC), working with Climate Risk Institute staff and CIP, will provide input and critical review of the ARPP during the development stages, and support promotion and dissemination of the ARPP through their networks once the resource is finalized. The RPC will participate at various stages throughout the project, all centred around two facilitated engagement sessions. Thanks to everyone who showed interest in joining the RPC!

For more information, please contact Megan Gereghty, Adaptation Extension Liaison.



Supported by Natural Resources Canada’s

Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) Program.



For more information, please contact Project Manager, Paul Cobb.