Tomorrow's Change, Projected Today.

Climate Change Hazards Information Portal (CCHIP)

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CCHIP is a web-based tool that uses data from 40 of the most recent Global Climate Models and many other sources to provide defensible, actionable conclusions about changes across a whole array of climate and severe weather-related conditions. By tailoring this information for specific locations and sectors, CCHIP helps planners, engineers, and decision-makers account for future climate change impacts. CCHIP is designed to provide information for agricultural and other natural resource management uses, as well as emergency management and public health applications.

CCHIP allows users to access a wide variety of climate data, while contextualizing it at the same time. Users are able to enter a location to receive data from nearby Environment Canada weather stations. CCHIP then combines that data with global climate models, in order to create projections for the future. Users can adjust various search parameters to include whatever climate information they need, from yearly precipitation to average temperatures.

CCHIP also incorporates safety and design information from various building codes that helps inform users about what their design should incorporate. Additionally, CCHIP is able to pinpoint the future impact of climate change on existing infrastructure, allowing planners and engineers to make the necessary changes to ensure their continued stability.

CCHIP was developed by Risk Sciences International, an Ottawa-based company specializing in risk management consulting, and is now hosted by the Climate Risk Institute.

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