Government of Nunavut’s Climate Change Risk and Resiliency Assessment

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Throughout the development of a tailored climate change risk and resiliency assessment  (CCRRA) methodology for the Government of Nunavut (GN), several phases of work were completed to inform the process. First a detailed work plan was developed to guide the two-year project to ensure clear timelines, roles and responsibilities across the project team, project authority team, and GN Project Steering Committee. A comprehensive literature review and Current State Report was then completed to identify relevant GN documents, climate change risk assessment best practices, and adaptation work completed within Nunavut and similar jurisdictions. From here, preliminary engagement (e.g. cross-sectoral workshops, committee meetings) with GN staff, agencies, associated organizations and committees (Youth and Tuttarviit), was undertaken to supplement the literature review and inform the development of a made-in-Nunavut CCRRA methodology. This methodology and its subsequent assessments will advance the understanding of the short- and long-term risks associated with climate change and enable the GN to prioritize and compare climate risks for resiliency planning.