Building Technical Capacity for First Nations

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To help communities address climate change, CRI led a project that was aimed at building capacity in First Nation communities to: i) participate in the economic opportunities associated with Ontario’s proposed cap and trade program; ii) develop a climate change impact study for the north; and iii) develop adaptation plans to address the risks associated with current and future climate change. As part of this multi-year, multi-partner project, CRI built relationships with Indigenous communities in Ontario and co-developed processes to undertake climate change risk and vulnerability assessments in communities. Capacity building on climate change was completed to increase awareness and mobilize action, and facilitate the use of Traditional Knowledge, climate data, and western science to support development and implementation of climate change adaptation plans. CRI partnered with Ontario First Nation Technical Services (OFNTSC) to develop an Indigenous version of the Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee protocol and pilot its use in 2 communities in Ontario, and Risk Sciences International to utilize their Climate Change Hazards Information Portal (CCHIP).