Webinar: Risk and Return on Investment Tool (RROIT)

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Kirsten MacMillan, B.A.Sc., B.A., E.I.T., Climate and Engineering Analyst, Climate Risk Institute (CRI)


Christine Zimmer, M.Sc (Eng), P.Eng. Chief Specialist, Watershed Projects Division, Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVC)

Kerri Robinson, P.Eng, Water Resources Engineer, EOR


The Risk and Return on Investment Tool (RROIT) is a multi-flood hazard decision-support tool that helps municipalities, property owners, investors and watershed agencies manage their flood-related risks. The new RROIT Water Quality Module is useful for municipalities conducting long-range planning and cost estimating for stormwater pond maintenance. The Water Quality Module evaluates the sediment accumulation in stormwater ponds. RROIT uses data many communities already have at their disposal to identify flood and erosion risks under current climate conditions and for a range of future climate change scenarios. RROIT calculates the potential financial losses associated with flood- and erosion-related impacts and produces maps and supporting information to prioritize areas for attention.

This webinar will provide an overview on the inputs required to run RROIT, show the existing suite of mapping available in RROIT, the process of engaging Risk Sciences International (RSI) to implement the tool, and demonstrate what the output map-based products look like to regional municipalities in Southern Ontario. The presenters will also illustrate how to use these products to support decision-makers in Asset Management Planning and valuation to meet the requirements of Reg 588/17.

View the presentation slides:

Risk and Return on Investment Tool (RROIT) Slides from February 24, 2023