Greg Paoli

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Greg Paoli, MASc, BASc. Principal Risk Scientist, COO. Risk Sciences International, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (1991) and a Master’s Degree in Systems Design Engineering (1993). Early in his career at Waterloo’s Institute for Risk Research as Research Manager, his work covered climate change impacts on permafrost, the use of software to shutdown nuclear power reactors, and the application of Bayesian networks for probabilistic weight-of-evidence evaluations of carcinogenicity. He was editor and authored several chapters of the book, Climate Change, Uncertainty and Decision-making. In the mid-2000s, along with Dan Krewski of the University of Ottawa’s McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment, he co-founded Risk Sciences International in 2006.  

As RSI’s Principal Risk Scientist and COO, Greg Paoli is currently working with a broad spectrum of clients in the public and private sectors, with the greatest emphasis on the development of new approaches to transform regulatory systems to be more “risk-based” at multiple levels: how senior decision-makers process risk information and make the “tough choices” in regulating health and safety, how an organization can optimize its resources across a diverse mandate to maximize total “portfolio-level” risk reduction, and how to operationalize key resources.