Webinar: Nature-Based Climate Change Adaptation Tools for Coastal Communities

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Friday, May 27, 2022 from 1 – 2pm EST

Join Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform Webinar Series for these two presentations.

Making Room for Movement Framework: Building Resilience to Climate Change Impacts Along Canada’s Atlantic Coast.

Coastal communities in Atlantic Canada are at risk from the impacts of climate change, notably sea level rise, tidal and storm surge flooding, and coastal erosion. These hazards have significant consequences for people’s homes, livelihoods, and our economy. Making Room for Movement is a collaborative research initiative of Saint Mary’s University and Dalhousie University. It aims to build resilience to climate change impacts along Canada’s Atlantic coast by developing a framework for implementing nature-based coastal adaptation strategies. This framework will guide coastal adaptation practitioners in working with community residents, landowners, coastal resource users, and governments to implement innovative, nature-based alternatives to hard infrastructure.

Presented by: Dr. Danika Van Proosdij (Saint Mary’s University)

Changing Coastlines Toolkit: Integrating Coastal Ecosystem Adaptive Capacity with Nature-Based Ecosystem, and Governance Solutions

The Changing Coastlines project developed a layered approach to coastal adaptation that incorporates living systems and enhances local and regional ecosystems and spatial quality while reducing flood/erosion risks and vulnerabilities caused by sea-level rise. This project is meant to be a resource for planners, designers, and coastal managers in the Fraser River Delta as well as audiences globally. It provides different resources in the form of interactive maps, narrative sections, and visualizations of a wide range of flood adaptation approaches that incorporates strategies for coastal environmental design based on the idea of designing with nature. These resources will help audiences better understand the spatial challenges and potential strategies to tackle coastal flood adaptation.

Presented by: Dr. Kees Lokman (University of British Columbia)

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Nature-Based Climate Change Adaptation Tools for Coastal Communities