Daniela Bodden, BSc, MEng

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Daniela, Project Manager (International), Resilience and Climate Risk, is a professional civil engineer with over 8 years of experience that has included developing and managing water infrastructure, social development, climate adaptation and mitigation projects. She has worked in a multicultural and interdisciplinary environment through projects funded and partnered by national and municipal governments and international agencies where she acquired experience in conducting vulnerability and risk assessments. She holds a master’s degree in Engineering in Cities Engineering and Management from the University of Toronto with a focus on Infrastructure Resilience Planning and Sustainability.

Daniela is goal-oriented and passionate about helping communities and organizations enhance their resilience capacity and thrive through challenges, including Climate Change. She has a deep interest in risk management, resilience planning, Climate Change adaptation and sustainability.

She lives in Toronto, and her side activities comprise reading, dancing salsa and outdoor activities, such as biking and strolling around urban parks.