Webinar: Building a Resilient Canada

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February 8, 2022 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

Join us for a webinar on Building a Resilient Canada, a new expert panel report from the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA). / Rejoignez-nous pour une présentation de Bâtir un Canada résilient, un nouveau rapport d’un comité d’experts du Conseil des académies canadiennes (CAC).

Around the world, disasters are becoming more frequent and severe ― a trend that is only expected to intensify as the climate changes in the coming decades. In a future with more extreme weather events, the resilience of individuals, communities, and infrastructure will be tested. The decisions made today will determine the extent to which society will be able to prepare for, avoid, and recover from a range of disasters.

According to Building a Resilient Canada, bridging disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation practices is crucial to reducing exposure and vulnerability to disasters and bolstering public safety in a changing climate. The report examines current practices and emerging actions to reduce vulnerability and exposure to natural hazards through the integration of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction (DRR). These actions are diverse but rest on a common foundation of accessible and up-to-date information, sufficient funding and insurance incentives, and coordinated and collaborative governance.


  • Jérôme Marty, Project Director, CCA


  • Expert Panel: Chair Scott Vaughan
  • Panel Members: Jimena Eyzaguirre and Elliott Cappell

Download the report, for free, in English or French, from the CCA website: https://www.cca-reports.ca/reports/disaster-resilience/

View the Presentation Slides:

Building a Resilient Canada: The expert panel on disaster resilience in a changing climate

Bâtir un Canada résilient: Le comite d’experts sur la resilience aux catastrophes face aux changements climatiques