Upgrade to Infrastructure Resilience Professional (IRP) Credentialling Program Courses

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Rules for Obtaining and Maintaining the IRP Credential

Obtaining your IRP credential requires: 

  • You are already a licensed professional engineer (P.Eng); 
  • You successfully complete the six  IRP courses within a three-year time period. 
  • You can demonstrate you have led or substantively contributed 320 total hours as a P.Eng on climate change and infrastructure projects, on at least two (2) distinct projects.
  • Note: IRP courses taken by an engineer while still an EIT may be counted toward the IRP credential. However, the credential itself will be granted only once the EIT has become a P.Eng and has met, as a P.Eng, the projects requirement stipulated above. 

Maintaining your IRP credential requires:  

  • You remain up-to-date with your IRP membership ($75 renewal each year); 
  • You provide, every second year upon membership renewal, proof of continuing professional development related to climate change and infrastructure resiliency. 

The IRP credential is outside of, and in addition to, professional engineering licensure.  

Upgrade to IRP Credentialling Program

The fee to upgrade to the IRP Credentialling Program is $150 (plus applicable taxes) for each IRP course previously completed.

In addition, you will be required to complete the final exam for those courses, and where applicable submit any additional coursework such as weekly homework.

Please fill out the form below. After you hit Submit, you will be directed to the Payment page.


Upgrade to Infrastructure Resilience Professional (IRP) Program Courses

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