Upgrade to Infrastructure Resilience Professional (IRP) Credentialling Program Courses

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Fees to upgrade to IRP Credentialling Program

The fee to upgrade to the IRP Credentialling Program is $150 (plus applicable taxes) for each course* previously taken as Professional Development.

*e.g. if you have previously completed one course, select 1 Course = $150.00; if you have previously completed two courses, select 2 Courses = $300.00.

Course Fees

$625.00 (plus applicable taxes) – For recognition as meeting IRP credentialling requirement and professional development 

$475.00 (plus applicable taxes) – For professional development only


To upgrade to the IRP credentialling program, please select the number of courses you would like to upgrade, click Pay Now and follow the instructions on the PayPal page. Note, you do not need a PayPal account to proceed.

You will receive a copy of your receipt by email from PayPal.

Select the number of courses you are upgrading to IRP Credential