Webinar: Understanding the determinants of effective policy instruments for climate change adaptation: Lessons from ongoing case studies in coastal areas of Québec, Atlantic Canada and Massachusetts

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January 28, 2021

Presented by: Nathalie Beaulieu and Pierre Valois, Université Laval and Emanuel Nicolescu, CBCL Limited, on behalf of a team including members from University of Massachusetts Boston and Ouranos.

This webinar presented examples of public policies and instruments implemented in various jurisdictions. Information obtained until now in six case studies allow us to identify factors that motivate public authorities to develop specific instruments as well as others that enable or constrain their implementation or outcomes. The effectiveness of public policy depends, among other things, on the capacity of authorities to combine different types of interventions towards collective and long-term benefits. It also depends on their capacity to respond to constraints faced by them and by those whom they seek to influence.

Presentation Slides:

Understanding the Determinants of Effective Policy Instruments for Climate Change Adaptation

Diapositives de présentation: Comprendre les déterminants de l’efficacité des instruments des politiques publiques pour l’adaptation aux changements climatiques