Webinar: Climate Change and Future Flooding: A Case Study of Calgary’s Bow and Elbow River Basins

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December 11, 2020

Presented by: Dr. John Pomeroy, PhD, FRGS, FRSC, Distinguished Professor, Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change and Director of Global Water Futures, University of Saskatchewan.

While increases in precipitation and temperature have been observed across Canada in the last half-century and are predicted for the future as climate change proceeds, there is still little understanding of how climate change will affect future streamflow and flooding in Canada due to the complexity of meteorological, hydrological, and water management aspects of flooding. This project modelled the historical and future changes in the flow frequencies of the Bow and Elbow river basins above Calgary to better understand how natural processes and reservoir management contribute to river flow and flood frequency estimates and how they can be expected to change with a changing climate through the 21st C. In this webinar geared toward technical experts, Dr. John Pomeroy presented the case study and methodology for incorporating climate change into flood frequency and water supply estimates, including a blueprint for applying these lessons in river basins across Canada.

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