Webinar: Green Shores 2020: Impact, Value and Lessons Learned using a Triple Bottom Line Evaluation

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November 12, 2020

Presentations by:
Jimena Eyzaguirre (International Team Director and Business Lead for climate change adaptation at ESSA Technologies Ltd);
Richard Boyd (Director of Research at All One Sky Foundation); and
DG Blair (Executive Director, Stewardship Centre for BC)

Development impacts, including habitat loss and pollution, combined with climate change challenges are affecting the health of shoreline ecosystems and the ecological services flowing from them. In this webinar, DG Blair (Stewardship Centre for BC), Jimena Eyzaguirre (ESSA Technologies), and Richard Boyd (All One Sky Foundation) shared results from a recent study that evaluated the impacts of the Stewardship Centre’s Green Shores program using an extended Triple Bottom Line Evaluation tool and provide an overview on steps that can be taken to amplify Green Shores reach for marine and lake shoreline management in Canada.

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