Webinar: Supporting Long-term Climate Resilience in Canada Through Planned Retreat

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July 21, 2020

Presenter: Dr. Brent Doberstein, University of Waterloo
Support: Michael Barnard and Dr. Patrick Saunders-Hastings, Gevity Consulting Inc.

Abstract: Dr. Doberstein presented findings from an environmental scan and current state analysis of planned retreat in Canada and relevant international contexts, prepared for Natural Resources Canada. The team conducted a comprehensive review of planned retreat in the broader context of climate change adaptation processes, teasing out key themes related to triggers, sources of resistance, barriers and enablers of retreat. Analyses informed the development of a set of good practices. Drawing on three case studies of planned retreat discussions and programs from Surrey, BC; Lake Erie, ON; and Gatineau, PQ, Dr. Doberstein discussed key lessons learned and good practices for future consideration and application.