Webinar: Green Resilience & Transportation: Climate Adaptation + Mitigation Synergies

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September 30, 2020

Presented by:

  • Steve Winkelman (Founder, Green Resilience Strategies; incoming Executive Director, Ottawa Climate Action Fund)
  • Deborah Harford (Executive Director, ACT (the Adaptation to Climate Change Team), Faculty of Environment, Simon Fraser University)
  • Dr. Alison Shaw (Founder, FlipSide Sustainability)

Facilitated by:

  • Alexa Bradley (Policy Analyst, Transport Canada)

Climate change mitigation and adaptation have traditionally been approached as separate endeavours, but there are compelling benefits to integrating them using “Green Resilience” strategies that both reduce GHG emissions and enhance climate resilience. Without integrated and proactive green resilience strategies, project proponents risk spending time and money on adaptation projects that miss energy efficiency opportunities, and/or emissions reduction efforts that are not resilient.

In this webinar, Steve Winkelman, Founder of Green Resilience Strategies, Deborah Harford, Executive Director of the Adaptation to Climate Change Team with Simon Fraser University, and Dr. Alison Shaw, Founder of FlipSide Sustainability, examined green resilience and why it is worth pursuing. Steve discussed transportation sector green resilience examples and how to identify, fund and implement green resilience measures, while Deborah and Alison presented work being done with local governments in BC and elsewhere to co-develop cost-effective low carbon resilience solutions that address climate change adaptation and emissions reduction and have multiple co-benefits for health, livability and biodiversity.

Presentation Slides:

Green Resilience & Transportation: Climate Adaptation + Mitigation Synergies

Diapositives de présentation: Résilience verte et transport : Adaptation aux changements climatiques + synergies en matière d’adaptation

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