SmartICE Sea Ice Monitoring & Information – Adapting to Climate Change

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March 12, 2019

Presented by:

  • Carolann Harding (Executive Director, SmartICE Sea Ice Monitoring & Information Inc.)
  • Andrew Arreak (Nunavut Operations Lead, SmartICE Sea Ice Monitoring & Information Inc.)

This webinar focused on SmartICE, an award-winning technological innovation for the North, which was first developed in Newfoundland and Labrador through collaboration with northern communities, including Nain and Pond Inlet. SmartICE is the world’s first climate change adaptation tool to integrate Inuit traditional knowledge of sea ice with advanced data acquisition and remote monitoring technology to provide data-driven insights into sea-ice thickness and local ice conditions in real-time, to support safer travel on ice. SmartICE embraces a social enterprise business model that aims to expand opportunities for economic and social development in northern communities while preserving local cultures and lifestyles. Watch this webinar to learn about how SmartICE works, which communities are participating, and how to become involved.