OCDP: Ontario Climate Data Portal

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The Ontario Climate Data Portal (OCDP) was recently launched to ensure technical or non-technical end-users (e.g. municipalities, private sector) have easy and intuitive access to the latest robust climate data over the Province of Ontario, Canada. The OCDP incorporates the high-resolution (10 km x 10 km) climate projections developed by the LAMPS at the York University using state-of-the-science combined downscaling technique based on a large ensemble of global and regional climate model results released under the latest IPCC AR5. The 209-member ensemble accounted for projections developed by other jurisdictions such as members of NA-CORDEX, PCIC, OURANOS, University of Toronto, York University, and University of Regina. This user-friendly data portal provides both visual representations and data downloading functions of climate scenarios across Ontario using geospatial maps, including both typical and extreme climate change indicators at temporal scales from annual, seasonal, monthly to daily.