Fully Accounting for Canada’s Conservation Lands – Phase I: Assessing the Protection and Conservation Value of Lands Managed by the Conservation Authorities and Partners in Ontario (2017)

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This project informs the development of a methodology to assess the protection status of conservation lands and waters managed by Ontario’s Conservation Authorities, and to comment on the potential contribution of these properties to Canada’s Biodiversity Goals and Targets and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Aichi 2020 Target commitments, particularly but not limited to Target 11.

The study area encompasses more than 6,400 land parcels totaling more than 150,000 hectares managed by 36 Conservation Authorities located in southern Ontario and parts of northern Ontario. These properties are catalogued in a database facilitated and held by Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service (Ontario Region) and compiled by Conservation Ontario and Conservation Authority members.