Assessing Climate Change Risk on Abandoned or Orphaned Mine Sites in Ontario, Yukon and Northwest Territories (2018–2020)

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In partnership with the Northern Climate ExChange at Yukon College, the aim of this project was to identify climate change risks applicable to abandoned mines in Canada. Specifically, the project involved: i) reviewing rehabilitation plans for 15-20 abandoned mine sites to determine whether or how they account for climate change; ii) conducting an in-depth review of guidance material in each of the following jurisdictions – Ontario, Northwest Territories and Yukon; iii) reporting on the degree to which climate change is considered in guidance material and, where applicable, developing additional guidance to help achieve the considerations of climate change; and iv) proposing adaptation measures to help reduce climate change risk at abandoned and orphaned mine sites. This initiative was made possible with support from Natural Resources Canada.

For more information, please contact the Project Manager, Jackie Richard.