.3 ºC

The increase in annual mean temperature over northern Canada between 1948 and 2016 – roughly three times the global mean warming rate.



The rate of sea-level rise in the last 2 decades compared to the last century.


The percentage of climate scientists who agree that it is extremely likely that climate-warming trends over the past century are due to human activity. Most leading scientific organizations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.


Canadian dollars paid out by insurance companies for severe weather events across Canada in just one year (2018).


The number of national science academies worldwide that dispute or deny the scientific consensus regarding human-caused climate change.

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Our climate has changed and continues to change, this requires a real and principled response, supported by underlying evidence, to reduce and manage associated risks. The Climate Risk Institute provides domestic and international stakeholders, decision-makers and governments with the climate services they require to adapt to extreme weather and climate change.

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Why do governments, institutions and companies choose to work and partner with us? Because the Climate Risk Institute is committed to providing scientifically sound climate change assessments and recommendations.

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